Draught Proofing & Restoration


Many sash windows have layer upon layer of thick gloss paint covering them and ensuring that they cannot be opened. As part of our renovation our craftsman will:

Carefully remove the top and bottom sash, so that the exact condition of the windows can be ascertained.

Any areas of rotten wood will be chiselled away, replaced and the join both sealed and weatherproofed.

The box and the frame will be stripped down and checked for further rotten areas. These will be replaced as necessary. Any rotten timber mouldings will be replaced on a like-for-like basis.

The cords and pulleys will be checked and replaced if necessary.

Any broken panes of glass will be replaced.

Before being replaced, the windows will be rebalanced to ensure that the correct sash weights are fitted and run smoothly within the box.

The final stage is to fit any new catches and other window furniture that has been requested.

Our renovation service can be carried out on its own, however it is usually completed in conjunction with our draught proofing service.

Draught Proofing

Draught proofing is the most popular service that we offer as it makes such a difference, not just to your windows but to your home and your living environment.

The draught proofing process is easily fitted in to our renovation service and involves imbedding the draught proofing material around certain sections of the window frame and sashes.

Sash windows only work successfully and without problems if there is sufficient space for them to slide within.

Our draught proofing works by filling this space with a flexible, compressible pile strip which will block out not only draughts, but outside noise and dirt; as well as helping to retain the heat in your home.


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