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Quality craftsmanship from a family business

North Yorkshire Sash Windows is a small family business, serving Harrogate and the surrounding areas*

We specialise in the repair, refurbishment and draught proofing of traditional sash windows. We don't replace them, we don't paint them. We restore them, with painstaking care, and strive to make them a practical, functional; and yet beautiful feature of your home.

Rob has over 20 years' experience of working with sash windows. He started the business in 2007, and since then has worked on hundreds of windows in houses great and small. He is the person who will come and look at the work, and he is the person who will carry it out.

North Yorkshire Sash Windows is on the contractors list for both the North York Moors National Park and (the former) Harrogate Borough Council Conservation Department.

* Harrogate, Ripon, Thirsk, Boroughbridge, Wetherby, Easingwold and most places in between

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Living with old uneven floorboards and ancient plaster is part of the charm of being in an historic building. If it is all replaced and made new, even and shiny; the sense of age and feeling of history are gone. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the windows - part of the public facade which addresses the street, and says so much about the character and beauty of the building.

Peter Pearson, Architectural Historian


Many sash windows have layer upon layer of thick gloss paint covering them and ensuring that they cannot be opened.

Full details of our proposed work will be provided in our quotation, but as part of the restoration process, we will:

  • Carefully remove the top and bottom sashes
  • Remove the paint from the sides and top of the box frame as well as the cill and the flat surfaces of the sashes
  • Examine both the sashes, the box frame and the cill for areas of damage and rotten wood repairing or replacing them as necessary
  • Prime the stripped surfaces with a Dulux primer, ready for painting
  • Weigh, balance and re-cord the sashes before re-hanging them

Reasons to restore

Draught Proofing

Draught proofing is included as part our renovation service, and the draught proofing material is embedded around certain sections of the frame and sashes as part of the process.

Sash windows only work successfully and without problems if there is sufficient space for them to slide within. Our draught proofing works by filling this space with a flexible, compressible pile strip which will block out not only draughts, but outside noise and dirt; as well as helping to retain the heat in your home.


We are increasingly being asked to carry out repairs to sash windows, as opposed to carrying out a full restoration. We can:

Research has shown that air infiltration through a sash window in good condition can be reduced by as much as 86% by adding draught-proofing. And it has the added advantage of reducing noise and dust.

Historic England (formerly English Heritage)

About Rob

Rob was born in the North East and served for 22 in the British Army. When he became the slightly bemused owner of a Victorian terrace in Ripon circa. 2002, he found it hard to find anyone who could work on the original sash windows. He serendipitously found work with the company who did come to restore them, and served his apprenticeship on his own home. He started the company in 2007, and has now amassed over 20 years experience as a craftsman working on sash windows.

Wooden windows have been refined, tried and tested over centuries of use, and remain the most environmentally friendly, versatile, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing window frame yet to be invented by man.

Lydia Wilson, Framing the View

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